Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ten Ways to Help You Cut Down on Plastic Bags

Ten Ways to Help You Cut Down on Plastic Bags

There are some really good ideas in this article. Cutting down on plastic bags (i.e. Ziploc Bags) not only help the environment but our pocket books as well.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Miserly Moms by Jonnie McCoy

A while a go I finished Jonnie McCoy's Miserly Moms. This was a great book and as become a wonderful resource to have. McCoy offer simple ways to save money and life with "less". I love that she tells the reader that at one time she and her husband were living the high life before they decided to turn "miserly". Knowing that she used to live a life that did not worry much about money helps me realize that I too can change my ways and start being "miserly" myself. McCoy also includes some really good recipes that I suggest you try. I really enjoy the microwave lasagna.  

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Homemade Febreeze

1/4 cup fabric softener (your favorite)
2 tbsp vinegar 
3 cups water

(If it smells to much like vinegar put in more fabric softener or you can add in essential oils. Tea Tree is nice and it also has some disinfecting qualities) 

It fits perfectly in an old Febreeze bottle.

Saving money

I have not posted in a while, if you had not noticed. I have started compiling information on ways I have been trying to live with less. With my husband and I currently not working I have had to tighten the purse string VERY tight. This means finding ways to save money. I like that most ways people save money they can also help our Earth. So while on the outside I may appear to have become pretty granola, it is not that I am really trying to save the Earthy, I am really trying to save money. The Earth is just a bonus. I hope to post more of my things I have been learning very soon. For now here is a look at some very simple ways to save money around the home. 

·         Shop second hand stores, Thrift Stores, Garage Sales
·         Purchase meat in bulk and separate into freezer bags and freeze what is not needed     immediately.
·         Use coupons when possible. Note: Coupons are not always the best deal. Make sure to compare store brands to the name brand. Also, use coupons for items you normally purchase.
·         Stock up on common household items and food when it is discounted.

·         Stop buying shaving cream. There is really no need to use shaving cream; soap and water work just a well.
·         Find one item to use for multiple uses. I recommend using Castile Soap. It is great to use for body wash, shaving cream, shampoo, baby wash, and can even be used to household cleaning. A large bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap can be purchased at Kroger for $6.99 and Target for $9.99. It can also be found at most other stores and online.
·         Turn off lights that are not needed.
·         Unplug electronics that are not currently in use.
·         Use a manual can opener.
·         Keep the A/C between 72 and 75 degrees
·         Keep furnace on 65 to 70 degrees
·         Use the water that you used to boil, or steam vegetables to water plants.
·         Double recipes so that they are large enough to last several days or freeze left over portions to ready to eat meals later.
·         Cute portions sizes. Hint: eat from a smaller plate.
In the Kitchen
·         Instead of using paper towels start using old towels.  I have taken old towels and cut them to be the size of a regular paper towel. I store them close to the sink and when I need a “paper towel” I grab a rag instead. At the end of the day I put that day’s rags in the dirty laundry. I still keep paper towels on hand for really dirty jobs like pet accidents or other gross things I do not want to wash.
·         Breastfeed
·         Cloth diapers
·         Make your own baby food
·         Shop yard sales and second hand stores for clothes, toys, books, and other items
·         Instead of buying story books us the Public Library

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My adventures of trying new recipes

Tonight I made two new recipes.

First for dinner I made Creamy Swiss Chard. I had never heard of Swiss Chard, it was one of our produce items from Grasshoppers (CSA). I recommend this recipe if you would like to try the Swiss Chard. My recommendations would be to not use the leafy part of the chard, it was pretty bitter. Justin did not care much for it and ended up going to McDonald's I on the other hand think that it is a really good Summer pasta dish.

My second recipe was my first attempt to make home made Buttermilk Ranch Dressing. YUMMO!! I kinda combined these two recipes.

It turned out so good I want to put it on everything. Justin even liked it.  I think I will be making ranch dressing from now on. It was cost effective and tastes so fresh.

Monday, June 7, 2010

New books

I did a bad thing today, I went to Lifeway and Borders. Both places are bad for me because not only could I spend hours in a bookstore I could spend a small fortune. I think I did okay for me I only walked out of Lifeway with two books. The funny thing is that the books I bought are about saving money and living on less. Hopefully, after I read them I will not need to buy any more books. 

The books are:

Living with less so your family has more by Jill and Mark Savage. 

Miserly Moms by Jonnie McCoy

I will write short reviews on them once I am finished reading them. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Living on little

Here are websites dealing with saving money and living on less. As I find more I will update the list, so check back to see what I have found. I have come a long way but unfortunately still have a long way to go to realize I don't NEED much. I have been working to focus less on possessions and focus more on they way I live and my relationships.

Check back for more websites and information about the websites.

Alternatives to bleach

I often wonder what a good alternative to bleach is. The answer hydrogen peroxide! I hate using bleach, I typically get in on my clothes, it stinks, and I know it is bad for our water supply and health. So I am thrilled that I found these helpful tips on how to better use hydrogen peroxide. Found this on Thought I would pass on the information.

For the wash: Add a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide to each washload or a bit more for very full or dirty loads.

For stains: douse them with peroxide and then spot wash with detergent. It’s best not to let the peroxide sit on the fabric for a long period of time.

For household use: Just add 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide to one gallon of water and use on kitchen sink, tile, bathroom, shower, toilet and bathtub. 

You can toss this mixture into a load of dirty diapers and find that it will make a big difference in smell.

How disposable diapers are made

Check out this article to see how disposable diapers are made I found this link on, I thought it was interesting. In my house there is still a stuggle when it comes to the use of cloth diapers. My husband hates them and thinks they are nasty. I on the other hand have found the Flip diapers by cotton babies and love them.