Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Alternatives to bleach

I often wonder what a good alternative to bleach is. The answer hydrogen peroxide! I hate using bleach, I typically get in on my clothes, it stinks, and I know it is bad for our water supply and health. So I am thrilled that I found these helpful tips on how to better use hydrogen peroxide. Found this on Thought I would pass on the information.

For the wash: Add a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide to each washload or a bit more for very full or dirty loads.

For stains: douse them with peroxide and then spot wash with detergent. It’s best not to let the peroxide sit on the fabric for a long period of time.

For household use: Just add 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide to one gallon of water and use on kitchen sink, tile, bathroom, shower, toilet and bathtub. 

You can toss this mixture into a load of dirty diapers and find that it will make a big difference in smell.

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